Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obsessions with Hobbies

Hello again.

I think a big part of my personality is my tendency to obsess about things. I do it all the time and people around me usually think it's unhealthy. They're probably right.

Sometimes I obsess about something that might be considered a hobby.

For example, my freshman year at college I became obsessed with Holga photography. A Holga camera is basically a cheap Chinese camera that takes irregular pictures. However, a lot of the time the pictures turn out really artistic and beautiful. The film might get overexposed and make really interesting lighting effects. Or the camera might not focus right and blur things in cool ways. So I spent a lot of time online looking up stuff about the pictures and the cameras trying to figure out how they worked. I also had to find a place in town to buy the film and get the pictures developed. I bought a camera and nearly went crazy mentally taking pictures until it came. Then I used up two rolls of film fast. Then my obsession went away and I didn't get the pictures developed til like a few years later. But, here are some examples of the pictures I took:

Pretty amazing, huh? I really should get more film and take more pictures but I'm just not obsessed anymore so the motivation isn't there.

Another thing I recently got obsessed with was antique watches. I saw this watch bracelet thing on Anthropologie's website and fell in love with it. It's like two different antique-looking watch faces and different chains put together to make a bracelet that can have two different time zones on it:

But the thing is this watch bracelet is very expensive on the website. And all the reviews are terrible and people say they get bracelets that aren't nearly as nice looking as the one in the picture. So I figured I could make one myself for a lot cheaper. So I went on Ebay and (which is an awesome website by the way) and finally bought my own antique-ish cool looking watches. As soon as they were delivered I tried to start making this bracelet and realized I didn't know how to do it. I worked hard to try to figure it out for awhile and then I realized I would need professional help. So that obsession has died and I don't know when my watch jewelry will get made.

So yeah, I go through a period of extreme obsession where I work on something as hard as I can almost every free waking moment. Then my obsession eventually fades and I just don't care very much after that.

More on obsessions later,

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