Monday, April 5, 2010

Crash! Bam! And you're okay


Here is a poem I just wrote in my ENG 371 class. It's basically an expression of how I'm feeling right now. You don't have to really read too much into it; you just need to try to feel the emotion behind the words. Sometimes I feel like I don't like poetry because I just end up saying, "But I don't get it!" I think I'm starting to realize that you don't really have to "get it" you just need to feel it!

Crash! Bam! And you’re okay
wandering through
the hallowed halls of
higher education hell
perhaps the tuberosity
of your fifth metatarsal
feels strangely strained.

You’re feeling the
disabling of your
fuel pumps as you
try to juggle
didgeridoos full of

What! Don’t stop! Get
your gluteus maximus
into gear and power
through food cravings
and mind-numbing
boredom that makes
you turn your
white-knuckled skin
into elastic card houses
that sink away too slow.

Your pen scurries high
voltage across the lines
and you feel concern for
your latent osteoporosis.

Why do you take on so
much? You’re juggling
flaming chainsaws for
Jesus Christ lizard’s sake!
But the legend endures
through end-of-week levels

You’re going to break
the shaft of your femur.
Gyrating up stairs, along
walkways, into cars like
the Porsche 918 Spyder
Concept. Quicker than
the hallowed Carrera GT.

Maybe you’re in a
Placebo-controlled study.
Study and observe the
effects on the human
psyche. Tears like therapy
but more like the jagged
edges of liquid pain.

When do you stop?
Does it ever stop?
The road ahead is:
icy, rocky, blue,
green, banana!

There is a clear decline
in sexual interest, sexual
arousability when you
skip showers for
Shakespeare and are

slightly angled, seen from above
but you don’t want to quit
life in its frenzied

Driving through slushy
tendons and muscles
that rebel and squeak
as you freefall
into post puberty.

The adverse effects are clear
and present danger. The
biggest surprise is the
moments when you
can relax and just
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

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