Monday, April 5, 2010

A Hard Day's Night

It's been a hard day's night... and I've been workin' like a dog...

Hi. Today is Monday.

I'm having a very hard time talking about things that do not have to do with school! I'm stressing out.

This blog, i.e. ENG 411H Reflective Project, is due tomorrow/today.

My rough draft for ENG 411H is due Thursday. I haven't even finished reading one of the books I want to write about for that paper! I don't have the book, it was shipped today though, so hopefully I'll get it soon since I expedited the shipping.

I also have to read another book for that class and I haven't been able to get as far into it as I need to be.

My revised Shakespeare paper is due Thursday. I don't know how to revise that paper. I wrote it the same way I would have written a paper for ENG 411H: with close, detailed analysis of the text. I probably wrote it that way because that's the only type of papers I've had to write this semester. However, that is apparently the wrong way to write about Shakespeare. I got 96% on both of the tests I've taken so far in that class. So, I need to figure out what I did in those and apply it to my 87% paper. I'm not sure I'll have time to succeed.

Then, for Wednesday, I have to read three 5-10 page short stories and critique them.

Next Wednesday is also me and my fiance's 6 year anniversary.

Then, for next Wednesday, I need to write a 5-10 page short story and print out 22 copies of it.

I also have to finish my application for study abroad. I have to write the application essay, which is about 500 words, and the scholarship essay, which is about 1,000 words. I need to get that done sooner than April 15th. Basically, it needs to be done ASAP.

For Friday, I need to complete a poetry portfolio and turn it in to my teacher's box. That will probably be the least difficult since I just need to print out all the poems from this semester and organize them.

That feels good to get out. I don't keep planners because I forget to write in them or I lose them. I keep everything in my head. It is kind of nice to see it all out there in black and white though. Now I just need to relax and try to breathe.

Maybe now I can write a post about something NOT related to stupid school.


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